Stormin 7’s Casino Slot Game Reviewed Online

At first glance, the Stormin 7’s online video slot by Ainsworth appears to be an immensely simple game in the tradition of the classic fruit-machine-style slots that have become so popular online.

The graphics, while attractive, are little more than rudimentary and there is virtually no soundtrack to speak of. Stormin 7’s are in keeping with the retro casino theme and include diamonds, dollar signs, playing cards and dice, wads of cash, casino chips, and those old favourites, the 9-through-A card symbols. Read More

The Roaming Reels Slots Wander into Africa

The five reels and three rows of the Roaming Reels by Ainsworth Gaming are set against the backdrop of a dusty African savannah plain, with the southern sun setting over the silhouettes of acacia trees in a fiery blaze in the distance. A colourful African tribal pattern adds a hint of the human touch to the Roaming Reels.

Thus, the vagueness of the Roaming Reels title immediately dissipates as soon as the 100-payline loads onto players’ screens. Those video slots players who enjoy spinning the reels both online and off may recognise Roaming Reels, as it is already common in land-based casinos despite only recently making its online debut.

The Roaming Reels symbols further contribute to the continuity of the African savannah theme and include, a graceful gazelle, zebras, lions, an outline of the African continent, and more. In addition to these Roaming Reels, the regular playing card symbols also make an appearance to award smaller wins.

The only theme element that leaves something to be desired is the Roaming Reels soundtrack, which is virtually non-existent apart from some distant banging on a drum and the occasional lion’s roar. More detailed animations to mark winning combinations would be a nice touch but their absence does not detract from Roaming Reels in any significant way.

The Cost of Survival in the Savannah

The smallest possible wager that a player can make on the Roaming Reels NZ mobile slot is a single coin of 1.00 credits to activate just one payline. Players may only wager one coin per payline but coin values range up to 75.00 credits. This takes to max bet per spin in Roaming Reels to 7500.00 credits, if all 100 lines are activated with the maximum coin size.

The motivation for braver Roaming Reels players to take this risk lies in the immense 1000-coin jackpot and several other smaller prizes in the offing.

The Lion King Makes His Own Rules

Just like the king of beasts himself, the lion symbol in Roaming Reels is not subject to all the same rules that apply to the other symbols. That’s because the lion is the wild symbol in Roaming Reels and, as such, has the authority to stand in for any standard symbol to complete winning combinations.

Note that the Roaming Reels lion only appears on Reels 3, 4 and 5 in the base game but finds a new place to roam during free spins.

Scatters Seek Shade beneath the Acacias

The unique image of the acacia tree silhouette – by now immortalised in countless paintings, sketches and photographs – against the backdrop of the African sunset represents the scatter symbol in the Roaming Reels slot.

What makes the acacia scatter special in the Roaming Reels slot is its power to unlock free spins. Eight, 12 or 20 free spins respectively are awarded whenever three, four or five scatter symbols appear anywhere on those Roaming Reels.

During these Roaming Reels free spins , the lion wild shifts places and now only appears on Reels 1, 3 and 5. The Roaming Reels free spins feature has the added benefit that it can be retriggered while in play if more scatters are landed.

An additional feature on the Roaming Reels free spins round comes in the form of the lion’s paw print…

Lion Paw Prints Lead to Greater Wins

At Gaming club Canada the mere trace of the lion’s presence becomes immensely valuable during Roaming Reels free spins as landing three of these on an active payline will cause players’ wins to receive a 10x multiplier.

Ainsworth’s Mustang Money Slot Gallops Online

They’ve inspired the writing of songs and the naming of American muscle cars and now the wild Mustang horses that roam certain parts of North America have inspired an online video slot – Mustang Money.

Created by leading Australian developer, Ainsworth, the Mustang Money slot features five reels by three rows with a massive 50 paylines. The Mustang Money slot – which is packed with features including scatters, wilds, multipliers and free spins – has actually been around in land-based casinos for many years but was only recently taken online. Read More

King Chameleon Online Video Slot Review

King Chameleon Tropical Online Video Slot

From Aussie online slots developer, Ainsworth, comes a nature-inspired slot set in a dense tropical environment you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere in the outback.

Rather, the setting of the King Chameleon slot could easily have been taken straight out of a central African jungle or South American rain forest. The design of the carved wooden totem poles that flank the five reels suggest central Africa as the inspiration for the King Chameleon slot. Thick jungle vines creep along the outer edges of the reels and the large green leaves of tropical trees emerge in the lower part of the screen.

The graphics of the King Chameleon have a rich, painterly quality – and the symbols themselves are especially beautiful. Some of these include butterflies, tortoises, frogs, lemurs, exotic birds, and, of course, the golden king chameleon. Symbols of lesser value in the King Chameleon slot are represented by playing card symbols.

If King Chameleon players are fortunate to land a five-symbol combination of the bird and lemur symbols, they will enjoy a payout of 300 coins – i.e. 300 times the player’s wager.

The Cost of Access to the Jungle

In order to gain access to the King Chameleon’s jungle, players must wager at least one coin of 1.00 credits. Those players in the mood for a little more risk may push up the value of their coin to 75.00 credits at most. Even more risk but far better odds of winning lie in wagering 100 coins to activate all 100 King Chameleon paylines.

The incentive for taking this gamble on the King Chameleon is its 100-coin jackpot.

Money CAN Grow on Trees

Deep in the King Chameleon jungle stands an ancient tree with the magical ability to award free spins to slots players. In other words, the scatter symbol in the King Chameleon slot is a giant tree.

Landing three or more tree scatters anywhere on the reels will see King Chameleon players awarded eight free spins. Players can land an additional five free spins if they land the scatter on reels 1 and 2 simultaneously.

And then there’s the golden King Chameleon…

Stacked and Sticky Wild King Chameleon Wins

During the base game, the golden King Chameleon symbol will only appear on reels 3, 4 and 5. The King Chameleon is the Game’s wild symbol and so can replace any other standard symbol to finish off winning payline combinations. Sometimes, the King Chameleon will appear stacked to cover an entire reel. Naturally, this greatly increases King Chameleon players’ odds of landing winning combinations.

Moreover, during free spins at Casino Sites Canada, an additional sticky King Chameleon wild will appear on the third reel and will remain in place for the duration of the feature. In addition to serving the wild’s usual purpose of replacing standard symbols where necessary, the special free spins King Chameleon comes with an accumulating multiplier.

Every time a win is achieved with the help of this King Chameleon, the multiplier increases by one to a maximum of 5x. Note that the free spins King Chameleon wild may appear in combination with the standard wild during free spins and that the 5x multiplier will remain active if it is achieved before all free spins have been utilised.

Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure slot review

Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure Slot

Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure slot by Ash software features twenty paylines, five reels and is the sequel to Wild Gambler, which was set in the African wilderness. The art style in Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure slot is a cartoon style which utilises lots of blues and whites to emphasise the arctic theme of the game.

Behind the reel of this slot, the player can see an arctic landscape. The pack ice is starting to break up and large and small icebergs are floating in an emerald green sea. The large blue and white mountains can be seen in the far background, with their reflections being cast into the rippling ocean. The sky fades from vivid blues at the top to the stark white of this harsh but beautiful arctic environment, and the player can almost feel the frigid air blowing across the wind-swept landscape.

Reel Setup and Game Layout

The reel itself is made of translucent blue ice with flecks of snow dusted across it. The top border is caked in snow and the title of the slot, Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure, can be seen. “Wild Gambler” is the same icy blue colour as the background and “arctic adventure” is a contrasting bright pink colour. To the left and the right of the reel are numbers that allow the player to see how various reel combinations will hit.

At the bottom of the reel, the player is provided with information on the game and their betting options. There are four large ice blocks which display win, total win, and total bet which is displayed twice – once in green and once in red. Under the ice blocks, there’s info, auto plays, line bet, spin and lock and spin. These are displayed on a hole in the ice, an igloo and large chunks of ice with dead fish skeletons on them. All these elements help to reinforce the arctic theme of this slot.

Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure Slot Symbols

The symbols in Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure slot are comprised of various animals and elements that one might find in a cold weather environment. The first of these symbols is a brown North American moose standing in the setting sun of an arctic landscape. The second symbol is an orange fox with black ears standing in front of purple mountains and a night sky which is lit by a full moon. The third symbol is the free spins symbol which is a silver medallion with a snowflake on it that’s set on a green background. The fourth symbol is a black and white penguin waving to the player from an ice field. The fifth symbol is a purple walrus with large white tusks on an orange background. The sixth symbol is a polar bear which serves as a wild. Other symbols include the jack, ace, ten, queen and king.

Free Spins

Most online casino Singapore offer players best conditions and If a player lands 3 or more scatter symbols in the form of the free spins coin, they will be awarded a free spins bonus round. The more scatters they get, the more free spins are awarded.

Life of Leisure slot review

Life of Leisure Slot

Life of Leisure slot by Ash software features twenty paylines and five reels.

This game has been designed in a cartoon style which utilises bright and vibrant colours to communicate a sense of light-hearted, fun entertainment to the player.

The background of the game features a suburban setting and a cityscape with bright blue skies and white clouds. In the suburban setting, a woman with red hair and a yellow blouse is smiling while riding in a red car. In the cityscape, a smiling, blonde man with an orange shirt is giving the thumbs up. These two characters are obviously living the good life, a life of leisure, which is what this slot is all about.

The slot reel is bordered by a white box with red, orange, green, blue and pink stars throughout. There are also circles with white numbers in them. These numbers include 2, 16, 11, 15, 8, 17, 3, 19, 4, 18, 12, 7, 9, 1, 14, 10, 20, 6, 13 and 5. They line up with a line that goes across the reel and which shows different ways that the player can win with the symbols. The background of the reel is a translucent dark blue and allows the player to see the rest of the picture featuring the woman in her car and the man in the cityscape. In the top left corner of the reel, the name of the slot, life of leisure, is shown as a man relaxing in a hammock.

Below the reel, the player is provided with information about the slot. This includes info, lines, line bet, win, and total bet. There are also buttons the player can push such as the plus and minus sign to adjust the line bet, the auto play button and the spin button.

Life of Leisure Slot Symbols

The symbols in this game depict people living a life of leisure. The first of these symbols is a red haired woman wearing a yellow dress smiling and holding a green bottle of champagne. She is on a pink background with stars. The second symbol is a smiling blonde man with an orange shirt. He is on a green background with stars. The third symbol is a man in orange shorts jumping off of a diving board into a pool. The fourth symbol is of a man with a roller paint brush who has just gotten done painting a house.

There is also a Life of Leisure slot wild symbol that looks similar to the logo in the top left corner but has the word “wild” across the bottom. Another symbol is the free spins symbol. It is a globe with a golden circle around it. Another symbol is the bonus symbol. It shows a red car on a scenic background with the word bonus on top. Other standard symbols include a pink ace, an orange queen, a green king and a blue jack.

Free Spins

If the player manages to get three of the free spins symbols in Life of Leisure slot, they will be given ten free bonus spins. If during these free spins a player gets additional free spins or bonus symbols, they can be awarded additional free online casino bonus in Dubai. The maximum number of free spins a player can get in a row is seven hundred.

Full Moon Fortunes Slot review

Full Moon Fortunes slot is a realistic cartoon and comic style game with an emphasis on muted colour tones such as greys and blacks. This is to reinforce the spooky werewolf theme of this slot.

Full Moon Fortunes slot by Ash software features five reels and twenty paylines. On the background behind the reel, the player can see a spooky scene unfolding. There is an old cemetery which is overgrown with dead and dying trees and bushes. Read More

Little Britain slot game review

Little Britain Online Slot Game

Little Britain slot is an online slot game that is based on the famous comedy show of the same name which was a successful British sketch show narrated by Tom Baker and featured various funny characters that are all present on the online slot machine game’s reels. These characters on the reels that represent the show include Lou and Andy; Vicky Pollard; Marjorie; Emily and Dafydd. The reels also display the regular high valued playing card icons and some wild symbols and scatter symbols.

Playing Little Britain Online Slot

The Little Britain slot was developed by Ash Gaming and features five reels, thirty pay lines and multiple bonus features. The thirty pay lines are adjustable and can be selected by using the lines button. The value of the coins placed on the pay lines can vary from a minimum value of 0.01 up to the maximum of 3.00 making the maximum bet per spin 90.00.

The game offers an auto play feature where up to fifty spins can be set to spin automatically. These spin without any interruption and any winning combination hit will pay out immediately and the reels will continue to spin.

Little Britain Featured Bonus Game

The featured bonus game is activated by landing the Little Britain slot bonus scatter symbols on the first, third and fifth reels simultaneously. This bonus consists of playing one of five characters from the show which is selected by the spinning of a wheel.

The Vicky Pollard bonus awards up to 750x the bet by choosing how many things she wishes to do before she says no. The Lou and Andy’s love it bonus can award up to 1 000x the bet by choosing objects that they will love. This feature ends when three objects that Andy does not love is chosen. Marjorie’s fat fighter’s bonus sees a win of up to 500x the bet by selecting silver platters which hold prizes. Emily’s lady things bonus awards up to 500x the bet for selecting items in her room and Daffyd’s big gay bonus pays up to 500x the bet by helping him get dressed.

Regular Wilds and Anne’s Wild Bonus

Little Britain mobile slot machines features a regular wild symbol represented by the logo and the word wild. This acts as a substitute for any regular symbol to help create winning combinations. For most rated casinos Ladbrokes NZ in particular, the wild symbols also pay out the highest prize of 1 000 coins when five land consecutively on an active pay line.

The character Anne symbol activates her wild bonus feature when she appears on the reels at any random moment. She is seen to throw objects at other symbols to turn them into wild symbols while she mutters her catch phrase.

Little Britain Slot Free Spins Bonus Round

The Little Britain slot free spins symbol needs to appear on the second, fourth and fifth reels to award ten free spins. While the free spins are in play the reels also feature character stacked wilds where if a character is completed with stacked wilds on a reel then up to 100x the bet can be awarded.

Heart of the Jungle Online Slot Game Review

The intro into the Heart of the Jungle slot game tells the story of a lady who has been rescued by a brave savage and together they are travelling to the heart of the treacherous jungle which is the backdrop of the online slot game. The graphics are fairly realistic looking while the sounds portray the theme with appropriate jungle sound effects.

The various symbols upon the reels help to tell the jungle themed story with themed images of jungle animals including a tiger; a chimpanzee; a parrot and an elephant. The reels also feature the two main characters, the lady and the brave savage, and the standard nine to ace playing card icons.

Heart of the Jungle Slot Game Features

The Heart of the Jungle slot game was developed by Ash Gaming who fall under the Playtech group and features five reels, three rows and fifty pay lines as well as a turbo mode which sets the reels to spin at almost double the speed. The betting values of each pay line go from as little as a denomination of 0.01 up to the maximum denomination of 5.00 for each pay line. This makes the total maximum bet per spin a denomination of 250.

Heart of the Jungle Slot Wild Symbol

The Heart of the Jungle slot wild symbol is the symbol displaying the online slots real money Canada games logo. The wild symbol can assist in creating winning combinations by acting as a substitute for other symbols on pay lines. The wild symbol will only replace the regular paying symbols and not the scatter symbols. If the wild symbol is involved in multiple winning combinations then only the combination worth the highest pay out is awarded.

The wild symbol also pays out when three or more of them land consecutively on a pay line and during the Heart of the Jungle slot free spins bonus round the wilds become more active and have more advanced roles to play.

Heart of the Jungle Free Spins Feature

The jungle mask scatter symbols are the ones that trigger the Heart of the Jungle slot free spins bonus round. These need to appear in any position on the first, third and fifth reels simultaneously to be taken to a trail map where additional free spin features are unlocked every time the main feature is triggered.

From the first Heart of the Jungle slot free spins bonus round trigger the deep jungle feature is active. This awards eight free spins, a 5x multiplier and an ultra-spin which is one additional spin with a 25x multiplier. After the fifth trigger the crystal falls feature becomes active where ten free spins are awarded with four stacked wilds for every spin. When the tenth trigger is reached the golden mountain feature is activated where fifteen free spins are awarded with wilds that stay in position on the reels and nudge up or down for every spin. After the fifteenth trigger the lost city of Zantar feature becomes active to award twenty five free spins and wilds that shift horizontally with increased multipliers.

Jacks or Better Online Video Poker Games

Jacks or Better by Realtime Gaming is an online video poker variant. The game is one of the more popular versions as it offers straightforward and simple game play. The aim of the game is to hold a hand with a value no less than a pair of jacks in order to receive a pay out which is set according to the game’s pay table.

Jacks or Better online video poker is available in instant play or the game can be downloaded. The game is played for fun in the free play mode or for real money. Special game features allow certain settings to be adjusted like the speed of play and the volume of the sound effects.

The game provides a double up feature where any pay out can be doubled by selecting one of four face down cards and having that card be of a higher value to the dealer’s card which is on display. If the card is of a higher value, then the winning amount is doubled and the bonus feature can be played again until a card of a lower value is chosen.

The Betting Options and Pay Outs

Jacks or Better is a single hand game that allows one to five coins to be bet on each hand that is dealt. Each of the coins can have a denomination value of 0.05; 0.25; 0.50; 1.00 or 5.00. The online video poker game features a bet one button to bet one coin at a time with each click and a bet max button to bet the maximum of five coins automatically where the cards will also be dealt straight away.

The pay outs are higher when the maximum bet of five coins per hand is placed. The royal flush is the highest ranking Jacks or Better poker hand that awards an amount of up to 4 000 coins. Up next is the straight flush; four of a kind; full house; flush; straight; three of a kind; two pair and then one pair with two jacks being the minimum valued hand to pay out.

Jacks or Better Game Rules and Strategy

Jacks or Better is played with a deck of fifty two cards that is shuffled after each round. There is no wild card in the game and the minimum value is, as the name states, a pair of Jacks or Better.

Once the coins have been placed on the hand, the deal button is clicked to deal the first five cards face up. Any of the five cards can be held by clicking on the card and the remaining cards will be discarded and replaced when the draw button is clicked on. This is then the final deal where the five cards are evaluated for any winning poker combinations at Rival online casinos.

Deciding on which of the five cards to hold entirely depends on their worth and potential or odds of creating a winning combination. If a winning hand is dealt in the first five cards then the combination should be held. All pairs should be held including three or four potential straights, flushes, straight flushes, royal flushes and so on.