Cash ‘n’ Curry Online Slots Described for Internet Players

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Cash n Curry is an online slot machine game created by Microgaming. It features an unusual theme based around eating spicy food, using colourful humorous images to tell the story of a man eating at an Indian restaurant. In terms of play style, Cash n Curry takes a unique approach not seen in many slot machine games.

The play system is only three reels and one play line, but the majority of the game takes place away from the traditional slot machine formula. This unique approach may make the game uninviting to fans of standard slot machine designs, but will offer a new experience to those who are not afraid to try something a little different. The game can be played on a home computer, mobile phone, laptop or tablet. In order to play on a home computer, please ensure that you have the latest version of Flash installed. Also note that the game is available to play for free, or using real money.

Standard Play Area

The classic slot machine section of Cash n Curry is very simplified, consisting of only three reels and one play line. As with all slot machines, the player is required to make a bet and spin the reels, hoping to make a matching sequence. Symbols used include the classic lucky seven, lemon, chilli and watermelon, with payouts based on the value of the symbol. In this area of the game the chilli is the most valuable icon, and lemon the least valuable.

Note that the symbols are all based around food items being either refreshing or unpleasant. The real game, however, does not start until the player lands a sequence of three chillies. This will launch the mini-game, which is where big money can be made while enjoying the excellent artwork and enchanting soundtrack.

Mini-Game Bonus

Upon landing three chillies in Cash n Curry, a second screen will open. In this section the player must make their way around the new play board, avoiding spicy foods while getting big payouts from landing refreshing foods. Each win will progress the player around the board, granting more opportunities to get even bigger prizes. Landing spicy foods, however, will cost penalties.

Thankfully, the player may endure three penalties, which is indicated by the beer on the left of the screen. The beer will slowly drain, imitating the player taking a drink to cool their taste buds. The pint glass initially allows for three penalty-enduring saves, but can be refilled by landing a lucky spin on the board. This sequence will progress for as long as the player is lucky, and as long as they have beer to save them. Upon running out of beer, the player will be returned to the slot machine section of the game, and may again try and land three chillies to initiate the bonus game section. The game is best played by aiming to enter the mini-game section, as often as is possible, since the payouts in the slots section are minimal at best. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the mini-game may only be achieved after a fair amount of playing.