Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure slot review

Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure Slot

Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure slot by Ash software features twenty paylines, five reels and is the sequel to Wild Gambler, which was set in the African wilderness. The art style in Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure slot is a cartoon style which utilises lots of blues and whites to emphasise the arctic theme of the game.

Behind the reel of this slot, the player can see an arctic landscape. The pack ice is starting to break up and large and small icebergs are floating in an emerald green sea. The large blue and white mountains can be seen in the far background, with their reflections being cast into the rippling ocean. The sky fades from vivid blues at the top to the stark white of this harsh but beautiful arctic environment, and the player can almost feel the frigid air blowing across the wind-swept landscape.

Reel Setup and Game Layout

The reel itself is made of translucent blue ice with flecks of snow dusted across it. The top border is caked in snow and the title of the slot, Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure, can be seen. “Wild Gambler” is the same icy blue colour as the background and “arctic adventure” is a contrasting bright pink colour. To the left and the right of the reel are numbers that allow the player to see how various reel combinations will hit.

At the bottom of the reel, the player is provided with information on the game and their betting options. There are four large ice blocks which display win, total win, and total bet which is displayed twice – once in green and once in red. Under the ice blocks, there’s info, auto plays, line bet, spin and lock and spin. These are displayed on a hole in the ice, an igloo and large chunks of ice with dead fish skeletons on them. All these elements help to reinforce the arctic theme of this slot.

Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure Slot Symbols

The symbols in Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure slot are comprised of various animals and elements that one might find in a cold weather environment. The first of these symbols is a brown North American moose standing in the setting sun of an arctic landscape. The second symbol is an orange fox with black ears standing in front of purple mountains and a night sky which is lit by a full moon. The third symbol is the free spins symbol which is a silver medallion with a snowflake on it that’s set on a green background. The fourth symbol is a black and white penguin waving to the player from an ice field. The fifth symbol is a purple walrus with large white tusks on an orange background. The sixth symbol is a polar bear which serves as a wild. Other symbols include the jack, ace, ten, queen and king.

Free Spins

Most online casino Singapore offer players best conditions and If a player lands 3 or more scatter symbols in the form of the free spins coin, they will be awarded a free spins bonus round. The more scatters they get, the more free spins are awarded.