Fruit Zen Online Video Slot Review

Fruit Zen Video Slot Review

Developed and produced by the respected BetSoft team, Fruit Zen is an online video Slot game from the innovative 3-D Slots 3 series, with 5 reels and 10 possible paylines. Winning lines can go from right to left or left to right and the highest successful combination is always the one paid out, giving players more opportunities to take home more money. Read More

Learn to Play Mobile Bingo, is it for everyone?

If you have seen bingo being advertised, you may have asked yourself the question, mobile bingo, is it for everyone? Of course there are a whole variety of factors to consider, as it might not suit everyone. However, what new players will discover is that mobile bingo is quite a simple game to understand and to learn how to play. Read More

Silent Run Online Slots Australia

Set on board a submarine engaged in underwater combat, Silent Run is a bonus features-packed video slot from Net Entertainment. This online slots game features five reels and 25 fixed paylines.

Among the bonus features that enhance what happens on the reels are two wild symbols and two bonus games. This is all played out in the control room of a submarine, detailed in striking graphics, animations, and realistic sound effects.

Reel Symbols in Silent Run

Silent Run online slots feature themed bonus and higher value symbols, and standard lower value symbols whose design links them to the overall look and feel of the game.

All symbols except the echo wild and bonus symbols need to appear on the reels from left to right to form winning combinations.

The regular higher value symbols include a submarine, a battleship, torpedoes, mines, and depth charges, while the lower value symbols include Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10. The bonus symbols include a red light wild symbol, an echo wild symbol, and an echo bonus symbol.

Red Light Wild

The first of the wild symbols in Silent Run online slots is the red light. This symbol offers the top payout in its own right, and it can help form winning combinations.

The game’s top payout is offered for five of these symbols appearing on a payline. The symbol helps form winning combinations with other symbols by substituting itself. However, it will not substitute for the echo wild or bonus symbols.

Echo Wild Symbol

Only appearing on the third reel of Silent Run is the echo wild symbol. When it does make an appearance on this reel, the Echo Wild feature will be triggered.

From this position, the symbol will emit three sonar signals that will turn random symbols anywhere on the reels into additional wild symbols. As many as 14 wilds could appear on the reels during this feature. If more than one winning combination appears on a line, only the highest-valued combination will be paid out.

Echo Bonus Symbol

The echo bonus symbol also only appears on the third reel of Silent Run slots bonus offers for Australians, and it is this symbol that activates the Silent Run bonus game. This will happen when the symbol appears anywhere on that reel.

The symbol will emit three sonar signals, which detect between two and five torpedoes hidden among the reels. The number found is the number of torpedoes players will have to use in the bonus game.

Silent Run Torpedo Bonus Game

When the Silent Run bonus game is activated by the appearance of the echo bonus symbol, a new screen will open. From here, players need to decide which enemy ships they will torpedo for bonus prizes. One of these ships conceals a premium prize.

Each torpedo features a multiplier, and every hit will see the multiplier value increase. Any winnings made in this bonus game will be multiplied by the final multiplier amount, which could be as much as 10x.

Benefits of Real Money Online Poker Review

To review poker is a complex subject, especially with regard to the many different forms of the game and the range of nuances and tactics available in the attempt to defeat opponents. The full quota of strategies and considerations this card game have been the subject of many books and articles and is a widely studied subject. It is for this reason that aspirant players should read several poker review sites, so that they can keep abreast of all aspects of poker. A good poker review is an excellent go-to reference when wanting to know more about some aspect of this beautiful game. A taste will be provided briefly here, but readers should be aware of the vast depth of the subject. Read More

Play Real Money Las Vegas Casino Games

The broad, enticing world of Las Vegas casino games play and gambling is out there, and awaiting those stout of heart. The biggest deterrent for newcomers is that they are not always quite sure how to play Las Vegas casino games, what it all involves, and what exactly constitutes Las Vegas casino games. Here then are the basic pieces of advice that all players need to know. It does not matter whether you are playing in Las Vegas itself, a standard brick and mortar casino, online or on your mobile. The principles are the same; Las Vegas is simply the spiritual home of gambling. Read More

Find a Free Roulette Online Casino

If you would like to play free roulette online for the first time, then register at one of the top online casino that are available. The registration for free roulette online is an easy process, and will just require you to enter a few items of personal information. You might also need to pick a username and password.

Fortunately the top no deposit roulette casinos have some good safety and security systems in place on their sites to ensure that your personal details do not get into the wrong hands. If you are not sure whether a particular site is the best option for you, you can take some time to read other players reviews about a certain casino, or otherwise go through a site that has actually listed the top online roulette casinos.

In most cases these sites have actually tried and tested a whole number of online casinos, and so can provide an excellent listing of which the best sites are. Always just remember that if the playing experience you have at a certain site is not up to standard, there is nothing keeping players from moving over to play free roulette at another site.

Benefits of Free Roulette Online

While there are new games being released all the time, roulette is one of those casino games that has hardly changed over all the years that is has been enjoyed. Of course, one of the big differences is that players do not need to go down to an actual land based casino in order to play, but can now play free roulette online.

This has made the game so much accessible to all players. All that is needed is an internet connection and a computer in front of you and players can enjoy free roulette online. For many new players, the thought of standing around a roulette table at a land based casino with other experienced players can be quite intimidating. If this has put you off in the past, then online roulette is definitely the answer for you. Because you don’t have to come face to face with other players, it is much easier to start learning this wonderful game.

While the rules of roulette are quite simple, the betting options are quite varied, and can take a little getting used to. Whether you place a chip on a single number, or spread your bet over four numbers, the odds are what make this game so exciting.

Learn Free Roulette Online

Another big benefit of playing free Canadian roulette online is that this is great way to developing a betting strategy. With no risk of losing any of your own money, players can easily try out some of the tips they have heard, or test out some of the playing strategies they have read about. There is no substitute for quality playing experience, and so free roulette is a great way to play as many games as you like. With the freedom to play at any time of the day and night, new players are much more easily able to learn the fundamentals of this great game.

Online Roulette – What Are The Strong Factors That Can Actually Affect The Game

Online gambling has become one of the favourite ways to pass time for people all around the globe. The availability of excellent diversities in online gambling sites has always made every player who sign up to such websites get hooked. Roulette has also gained a placed in the list of the most opted games that people always love enjoying every time.


Roulette online game is often mistaken as the game of gambling where you can beat the odds of losing, by perfectly calculating the possible winning odds before spinning the wheel. However, this is not actually the case since there is no pre-calculating while spinning the wheel and the winning number is always a mere luck of the player.

How to Enjoy Winning Odds

You can come up with the game plan that can work perfectly in your favour. Here are some of the tips that can increase your winning odds.

Divide the Money While Betting

There comes a time when the god of luck will be in your favour and hence, you might choose the winning number for more than four to five spins. However, this never means that the same goes on for longer hours. Hence, never lose your focus even though you are winning and end up betting all money on one particular number. This might make you lose everything in one go.

When you are in the winning side of the game, always start dividing your money into smaller amounts, while betting. By doing so, you can protect the flow of money into your account, even if you experience few loses at some point.

Be Level-Headed

Most of the times, the continuous winning might make you a vigorous gambler. This is always considered as a bad sign since roulette is a random game and there is no particularities stating that every win should be in anyone’s favour. Hence, never lose your gaming strategy even if chips start flowing into your account.

When you are on a losing odd, you may often get frustrated and start losing your cool in the game. Hence, experts always suggest being level-headed even if you are on a continuous losing streak since winning and losing is never a permanent thing.

Know About the Game

Every roulette online gambling site offers two different wheel options. One is the European wheel and the other one is the American wheel.

European Wheel Model: European wheel starts with the digit “1” and hence, accommodates around 37 slots. When compared with the American slot type, it slightly varies in its model.

American Wheel Model: American Wheel starts with number 0 (two times) and continues till the number 36. Hence, you can find a total of 38 slots in this wheel. The addition of double zeros automatically increases the winning odds of the players ¼ percentage.

Playing Online vs. Live Casinos

Roulette is a chance game and hence can change its course. While playing live in the casinos, the resulting number will always be decided based on the muscle strength that is applied while spinning the wheel. Hence, there is no guarantee that each spin will be with constant acceleration. However, this is not the case, while playing online.

Live casinos will be shut after they hit their closing times whereas you can enjoy playing online roulette NZ in the online websites anytime of the day or night.

Online Poker Games for Beginners

There are many different types of online poker games, whereby users of the internet are given the opportunity to increase their money by winning poker games online. Some poker games can be downloaded for free, and do not involve you winning any money initially. These can be used to practice your technique before using real money and playing against others online. When playing poker games online against other internet users, first ensure that you are safe and trust the website you are using, and then begin by betting small amounts of money until you get the hang of the game and are able to use it safely and efficiently. It is also important to note that online poker games are not always the same as poker games played in person, for a number of reasons.

As a beginner player of online poker, it is important to be patient. Many newcomers to the game are quick to assume that the website they are using is rigged, if they are dealt a series of bad hands and lose a consecutive number of times initially. These losses are often not linked to any rigging of the game and are just a result of bad luck and unpracticed strategy. Due to the great possibility of this circumstance arising, it is extremely advisable to practice the game for free online, where there is no opportunity to gamble money, before committing to any official online poker game.

However, although this helps in strategy and in learning the general rules of the game, the player should note that although they might be excelling at playing poker offline, they might not excel immediately at playing it online. There are many differences between the two forms of the game, these including – but not exclusive of – the players not being visible to you, meaning poker faces are non-existent, speed of play, and the number of games which you can participate in at one given time. Although the first difference is obviously a disadvantage for the player due to him being able to read less into the situation, the latter two provide a significant advantage to the online player, due to the relationship between the internet and the speed at which the game can be played. When playing online poker games, you do not need to wait for the dealer to deal everyone their cards; it is an instant dealing instead and the process is subsequently sped up considerably. Furthermore, once you have heightened your experience in the online poker field, you will be able to play numerous games on different tabs on the internet, increasing your chances of winning through the increased participation in games. Needless to say, this is not possible in games played offline.

It can subsequently be said that as a beginner in the online poker games industry, you should be aware of the safety of the site you are using, safe and secure poli poker payments preferred  and the differences between online and offline poker gaming. However, once you are aware of this and have practiced your skills on free versions of the game, your experience of the online game should be heightened in entertainment value and – hopefully – in monetary gains, too.

10 Tips for Playing on Online Casinos With Peace of Mind

When a user installs an online casino app on their mobile phones, they do not know that they are opening the Pandora’s Box. An online casino has unlimited opportunities and unlimited risk, there are your weak moments when you are not in control. Here is how you can enjoy mobile casino with complete peace of mind. Read More

Play Online blackjack Games For Real Money in Australia

Online Casino Gambling AU

The roots of Blackjack stretch all the way back to the 1700s, when its predecessor, a game called Ving-et-Un, was played by the aristocracy in France. Today it is more freely available, though no less refined, and is popular in online casinos in Australia and the rest of the world. If you’re interested in exploring the game from the safety and convenience of your own home, read on here.

The Basics

Playing Blackjack online is quite similar to playing offline, and in both cases the unique blend of strategy and chance is what really appeals to most players. You need to make shrewd decisions based on randomly dealt cards, and the complexities that can arise from this are fascinating.

Every player, and the live dealer representing the house or the house itself, is dealt two cards at the start of each round of online Blackjack. The Ace cards carry a value of eleven or one, the number cards carry their face value and the picture cards all have a value of ten. The objective of the game is to reach a hand total of twenty-one (which is what Ving-et-Un actually means, and is why Blackjack is also often called Twenty-One) or as close to this total as possible, without exceeding it. Bets are placed on the outcome of the round before the hands are dealt.

Once everyone has seen their cards, they can choose to draw more and try to improve their hand, and the dealer or house must draw until reaching a total of at least seventeen. When everyone is satisfied and is standing, all hands are revealed. If your hand and the dealer hand are less than twenty-one, you win if your total is higher than the dealer’s and lose if it is lower. If both these hands are over twenty-one the house wins, and if you tie with the dealer below twenty-one you can keep your wager. A Natural Blackjack, with a Face and Ace card, has a 3:2 return and is the hand every player dreams of.

Developing Strategy

You’ll soon be more familiar with the game, and will evolve your own playing strategy. There are several online resources to help you with this, such as tables that show you the odds of every hand and how to bet accordingly, and guidelines on counting cards. It’s important to move cautiously as you develop and polish your tactics, because deviating even slightly from the set plan can really decrease your odds of winning. Use every resource that you can, and enjoy the process of learning and refining your game. Most of the reputable online casinos in Australia allow you to play for free, with no deposit, so that you can hone your skills and build your confidence. Take advantage of these top-quality free games to cultivate your own winning style.

Keep Playing and Practising

Playing Blackjack online is rewarding from the start, but the more you play, the more insight into the game you will have and the more you will get out of playing it. Take advantage of all the online resources available at your fingertips to improve even more.