Online Roulette – What Are The Strong Factors That Can Actually Affect The Game

Online gambling has become one of the favourite ways to pass time for people all around the globe. The availability of excellent diversities in online gambling sites has always made every player who sign up to such websites get hooked. Roulette has also gained a placed in the list of the most opted games that people always love enjoying every time.


Roulette online game is often mistaken as the game of gambling where you can beat the odds of losing, by perfectly calculating the possible winning odds before spinning the wheel. However, this is not actually the case since there is no pre-calculating while spinning the wheel and the winning number is always a mere luck of the player.

How to Enjoy Winning Odds

You can come up with the game plan that can work perfectly in your favour. Here are some of the tips that can increase your winning odds.

Divide the Money While Betting

There comes a time when the god of luck will be in your favour and hence, you might choose the winning number for more than four to five spins. However, this never means that the same goes on for longer hours. Hence, never lose your focus even though you are winning and end up betting all money on one particular number. This might make you lose everything in one go.

When you are in the winning side of the game, always start dividing your money into smaller amounts, while betting. By doing so, you can protect the flow of money into your account, even if you experience few loses at some point.

Be Level-Headed

Most of the times, the continuous winning might make you a vigorous gambler. This is always considered as a bad sign since roulette is a random game and there is no particularities stating that every win should be in anyone’s favour. Hence, never lose your gaming strategy even if chips start flowing into your account.

When you are on a losing odd, you may often get frustrated and start losing your cool in the game. Hence, experts always suggest being level-headed even if you are on a continuous losing streak since winning and losing is never a permanent thing.

Know About the Game

Every roulette online gambling site offers two different wheel options. One is the European wheel and the other one is the American wheel.

European Wheel Model: European wheel starts with the digit “1” and hence, accommodates around 37 slots. When compared with the American slot type, it slightly varies in its model.

American Wheel Model: American Wheel starts with number 0 (two times) and continues till the number 36. Hence, you can find a total of 38 slots in this wheel. The addition of double zeros automatically increases the winning odds of the players ¼ percentage.

Playing Online vs. Live Casinos

Roulette is a chance game and hence can change its course. While playing live in the casinos, the resulting number will always be decided based on the muscle strength that is applied while spinning the wheel. Hence, there is no guarantee that each spin will be with constant acceleration. However, this is not the case, while playing online.

Live casinos will be shut after they hit their closing times whereas you can enjoy playing online roulette NZ in the online websites anytime of the day or night.