Frog Royale Slot Guide & Review Online

Frog Royale Slot Guide & Review Online

Frog Royale is a fun but pretty simple online video slot from BlueGem Software. The slot features five reels and twenty optional paylines. It doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, but does have a regular one.

Frog Royale is classified as a Smart Slot, which means that it has been developed to be able to be played on smart devices, as well as desktop, which makes it a mobile slot. This means that it can be played from anywhere, so long as you have a decent Internet connection.  Frog Royale may not offer a progressive jackpot, but it does have a wild symbol, a scatter and free spins as well as multipliers.

Fairy Tale Theme

The theme of Frog Royale is that old fairy tale where you kiss a frog and it turns into a prince. Hopefully. The graphics are good, looking like an animated movie complete with a princess in white, and of course our potential prince or frog.

The soundtrack isn’t hugely inspiring, but it won’t drive you to tears either. The background to this slot is busy. You have the princess’ castle on the left and the frog’s swamp on the right.

The symbols take up all the space on the reels, and you may have to look a bit harder to make them out against the detailed background. Every part of your screen looks like a scene from a movie.

The princess herself sits hopefully at the bottom of the reels, next to your buttons, which are done to look like frogs’ eggs or bubbles. These too take a bit of peering at to work out exactly what they are, as the text swirls to fit the shape of the button. This is a very detailed slot, it plays well on a small screen but you do have to have pretty good eyesight to see it.

Frog Royale Slot Theme

Fairy Tale Froggy Symbols and Special Features

All of the symbols in Frog Royale are animated, and all symbols pertain to the theme. You won’t find any random deck of cards symbols here. Our main symbols are of course the frog himself in frog form, the princess again, the frog in prince form, a sinister man, a spell book, and rainbows.

The princess plays a large role in the gameplay, and is a part of the bonus round too. Our Frog is our wild symbol, which means that he can substitute for any symbol in the game except for the princess and the Golden Ball.

The Golden Ball is a special symbol that falls out of the reels to land in a basket that has been positioned just for this cause. Once you have collected at least three Golden Balls, you will be awarded a prize. The princess symbol will award you with free spins should you find up to five of her on your reels.

Like bonuses in mobile blackjack, Frog Royale has a two bonus rounds. The first is a second screen round where you have to kiss a large number of frogs in the hopes that one of them will turn into a prince. The second bonus game comes after your set of free spins. During this time you get to have a go at a totally new set of icons on the reels, which tell the story of what happens after the frog has transformed into a prince.