Introducing Themed Slot Categories to Online Casinos

The universal popularity slot machines is a worldwide thing. In every general land-based or online casino slots playing income accounts for some 70% of the casinos profits. Slots games are the first choice of casino game, therefore, for millions of players. The interesting aspect to this swathe of casino play is that in most cases the slots players develop habits and distinct preferences and these obviously need maximising.

From a casino perspective, it is important to track which games are inspiring players and attracting them. This translates back into the development and design industries who want to know the most popular direction to concentrate on. From the players’ perspective, the services will generally improve, as the slots games become more and more accurately tailored to what they are wanting, and enjoying most about playing the games.

A Benefit for Casinos and their Players

The net result of all this research and development has been the fact that casinos are now introducing themed slot categories in order to make players’ choice of game that much easier. The reality is players prefer to stick to a certain style of game. With themed slot categories, players can easily identify slots games of the same, or similar type. Naturally, the similarities within the themed slot categories can be based on a number of different aspects.

Slot machines have numerous reasons for being considered similar, and worthy of being in a particularly themed category. Introducing themed slot categories may involve arranging slots games with a particular décor and colour scheme together. It may mean the grouping of games with a particular overall theme, such as the Mayan Civilisation, or ancient Egypt. The theme categories could be the type of bonus features that the games provide, such as slot machines that offer free spins.

Potential Themed Categories

Other categories of similarity in slots play are the number of reels in play during the game, or the number of active pay lines on offer. This could therefore be 20 payline slots, or those that offer the huge pay out structure of 243 paylines. These features have a major impact on the games, attracting different players for different reasons.

When introducing themed slot categories, casino sites have realised that one of the slot machine groupings that players appreciate most are when the machines are grouped according to the in-game features. Certain types of player prefer the traditional slots game, the pure slots play without bonuses or second screen mini games. Some players just like matching up the symbols, a traditional slots attraction.

Bonus Features and Subject Matter

Another option with respect to introducing themed slot categories, is grouping the slots games based on the bonus features, multipliers, free games, mini games, or free spins, and there are many more besides, such as progressive jackpot linked games. By introducing themed slot categories in terms of bonus features, players are able to easily find the bonus styles they prefer, and this seems to be a remarkably effective categorisation method.

The online USA casinos, however, have started introducing themed slot categories based on the overall thematic subject matter. This means players will often encounter the option of playing either Action, Celebrity, Ancient Civilisations, Films or Magical themed games. There are so many differently themed games, but it definitely gives aspiring slots players an excellent starting point regarding finding exactly what they are looking for.