Found Best Sites To Bet On Rugby Betting Sports Game


The best thing about online sports betting is the fact that bettors from all corners are able to bet on their favourite sports being played all over the world.  Rugby betting aside, even if a sport is not played locally in New Zealand, bettors from New Zealand are still able to place a wager on that particular sport thanks to the internet and online bookmakers.

Rugby however, is a matter of national pride in New Zealand.  Despite having once been described as the sport that has a fine disregard for the rules of the game of football, Rugby is the bad boy sweetheart of the sporting world, and by default, also of the worldwide sports betting scene.

The joy of winning a bet involving your favourite team playing on home soil is a special experience, but those serious about sports betting, and rugby betting in particular, continue to swear by major sporting events.  This is where the big money is at, and there is certainly no shortage of events taking place annually.

The Rugby World Cup

Held every 4 years, the Rugby World Cup is the where everything rugby culminates. A favourite among punters from New Zealand, mainly due the the country’s immense success (New Zealand is the current Rugby World Cup champion), the Rugby World Cup is the cream of the rugby betting world.

The next Rugby World Cup is due to take place in 2019, and bets will open well in advance of the tournament commencing. Live rugby betting is a big favourite during the Rugby World Cup, as punters are given the opportunity to be part and parcel of the action.

The Four Nations

New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Argentina compete for the Four Nations cup, fighting it out on the green annually.

The Super 14 Championship

The Super 14 championship is no doubt the main event in the Southern Hemisphere. Provincial teams from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia battle it out in a total of 13 games each. The event runs for 14 weeks, making it a top rugby betting favourite.

The Currie Cup

The Currie Cup is the pride of South African rugby, and the oldest provincial tournament in the world. South Africa being New Zealand’s nemesis in the game of rugby, the Currie Cup is closely followed by New Zealand rugby fans and attracts bets from all over the world.

The Aviva Premiership

The English doggedly believe that they are on par with New Zealand, Australia and South Africa in the game of Those who agree, do so wholeheartedly – those who don’t, defend their opinions vigorously. The Aviva Premiership is the English provincial premiership.

The Heineken Cup

The Heineken Cup includes England, France, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Italy – effectively the other side of the rugby world.  Dozens of betting markets are available for this event, including Match Betting, 1st Try Scorer, Handicap betting, Outright betting, Line betting and Margin betting. All of the betting action can be followed online, making the event instantly accessible to punters from New Zealand.