Free Betting Explained For Every Sports Bookmaker

You may have been visiting your favourite online New Zealand bookmaker and noticed an offer for free betting. It probably crossed your mind, rightly so, that there is no such thing as a bookmaker giving away free money. If they did, chances are they wouldn’t stay in business very long. So how does free betting work, exactly, and is it beneficial to you?

The answer is that free betting can be beneficial, if you know what you are doing when you accept the deal. Note that online bookmakers always explain the terms and conditions in detail, so that there is no confusion. Take the time to read the specifics of a free betting deal before accepting it.

Wager Requirements Explained

We have already said that there is no such thing as free money, so the bookmaker is obviously making a deal that requires you to give some kind of return. In the case of a free betting system, bonus cash given to the bettor generally comes with a wager requirement attached. A wager requirement specifies that in order for the bonus cash to be withdrawn, and any winnings made with the bonus cash, the bettor must first make real money bets. Note that the bonus cash can be used to make bets immediately, and all winnings will be safely stored in the account.

A wager requirement will be displayed as something like this; X10. This means that the wager requirement is 10. Therefore, if the bonus cash was $5 dollars, 10 real money bets of $5 must be placed in order for the bonus cash and all its winnings to be withdrawn from the account. The exact wager requirement will vary from website to website, so be sure to read and understand the wager requirements carefully.

Other Requirements

There may be requirements in free sports betting beyond wager requirements. The bookmakers may specify that the bets made to cover the wager requirement are to be of certain odds only. For example, the wager requirement may be X10, and all 10 of those bets may need to be on odds of at least 1/5. This will again be specified by the bookmaker when the free betting deal is offered.

If you are confused about any free betting deal offered, it’s always a good idea to contact the customer support centre of that website for more information. It is not recommended that you accept any deal without fully and completely understanding the terms and conditions.

Bet Smart

Remember to always place bets carefully and with thought. Even if the money is from a free betting deal, all betting should be done with deliberation. The New Zealand bet makers with the most money in their pockets are ones who never place bets spontaneously or without due consideration. Free betting deals can be beneficial if the bets made are wise ones that have good chances of giving back decent payouts. Think of bonus cash as a springboard off of which more winning bets can be placed on the website. After time, when the bonus cash is ready to be withdrawn from the account, the payouts will be good enough to have been worth it.