Betting on La Crosse Sports Game Online


La Crosse is a unique contact sport that has found most of its popularity within Canada, Australia, and the United States. Being the niche sport that it is, La Crosse is not quite on the same level as other sports such as European football or hockey, but nevertheless it is growing in popularity every day, especially in countries found around Europe and Asia. Read More

An Introduction to Ice Hockey Betting


Ice hockey is a fast, high impact and powerful sport that has flourished in colder regions of the world. Canada is one such country where ice hockey is a popular sport to play, watch and bet on. Ice hockey is a sport played at both club and international levels and offers many betting opportunities throughout a season.

Ice hockey is a Winter Olympics sport too and Canada has been the most successful team to date. This brings about greater betting opportunities for Canadian bettors who like to bet on the Olympics. The NHL or National Hockey League is the biggest in the world and is made up of teams from both Canada and America. The season starts in early October and ends mid-April. There is then the playoffs and the grand finale, the Stanley Cup. Read More

Responsible Betting Tips For Both Online & Offline Players


Every bettor that makes use of a sports book, whether it is online or land based, needs to ensure that every bet that they make is made with the utmost care and that they will not be causing themselves any trouble in the future. Online betting and sports betting in general is a way for any person that enjoys sports to get involved in the entertainment and to feel as though they are part of the game. This provides a thrill that is exciting for bettors. In this article, we will outline a few responsible betting tips that any person should know when they log on to make any bet. Read More

NBA Betting Tips For Beginners


The NBA is a wildly popular league for punters to bet on both the USA as well as New Zealand . The league plays games every night, which means that the action is ongoing all year round. Placing a bet on the NBA should be done with a bit of knowledge as well as an understanding of how the game works. There are a few tips which the beginner punter should know in order to make their overall betting experience more positive as well as profitable.  Read More

Biggest New Zealand Horse Racing Events


New Zealand and Australia are often referred to as the horse capitals of the world. This is because the strongest, fastest horses are bred in the region. It also means that the most renowned horse racing events are also found in the area, which means plenty of opportunity to bet on racing events. In fact, New Zealanders and Australians are known to be horse race betting fanatics. Here is a list of some of the biggest horse racing betting events in New Zealand and Australia to place bets on. Read More

Uses And Value Of Blackjack Surrender


Blackjack surrender is a player option that some casinos offer at their blackjack table, and hails from the old brick and mortar casino cities where the casinos were mandated to provide this exit option to blackjack players. Nowadays this option is not a common practice online, but is certainly becoming more considered as an option because statistically there are some advantages to using the option. Read More

The Lingo Of Online Pokies

Australia’s online pokies industry is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment around. With so many games on offer, players are spoilt for choice as they look at the hundreds of casinos out there and the games that they can play at them. If you are looking to join the world of pokies, there are a few definitions you need to know. These can help you enhance your overall experience, as well as connect with other players through forums and chat rooms. Below, you will find a list of the most common ones, which will make for a good starting block as you begin to learn the ropes. Read More

Overview of Rumpel Wildspins Online Novomatic Slot

Rumpel Wildspins Online Novomatic slot is a slot game available on mobile phone, desktop computer, and tablet. The game, although using a cute pun name taken from an existing fairy tale character, has a rather vague and scattered theme, not appearing to be about any one character in particular. There is a frog, which seems to be drawing from the princess and the frog fairy tale, as well as a character that appears to be Pinocchio. These symbols are used alongside a diamond ring, bar of gold, and various other random images, none of which seem to be connected in any coherent fashion.

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The Lovely Outlaws Online Video Slot Review By Pro Players

The lovely Outlaws is an online video slot game produced by High5 Gaming. The game has a sort of wild west slash Mexican theme and features three good looking female outlaws dressed in Mexican Sombreros and packing some serous fire power.  In the game, players are transported to a world where the lovely senoritas are on the run from the law and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

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Is Playing Casino Slots Online a Good Idea?

Casino slots have always been very popular with gambling fans, because they come in a range to suit every pocket. They also generally offer impressive jackpots in relation to relatively small bets, which afford dedicated slots players hours of amusement for a modest outlay, while always being in a chance to strike it big. Add to that the huge range of casino slots now available in digital versions, varying from old-fashioned fruit machines to spin-offs of the latest hot TV series with every evolution of the game format in between, and it is no wonder that more and more players are flocking to online casinos.

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