Overview of Rumpel Wildspins Online Novomatic Slot

Rumpel Wildspins Online Novomatic slot is a slot game available on mobile phone, desktop computer, and tablet. The game, although using a cute pun name taken from an existing fairy tale character, has a rather vague and scattered theme, not appearing to be about any one character in particular. There is a frog, which seems to be drawing from the princess and the frog fairy tale, as well as a character that appears to be Pinocchio. These symbols are used alongside a diamond ring, bar of gold, and various other random images, none of which seem to be connected in any coherent fashion.

The quality of the images is also not especially impressive, with many other games having far better art design and visual quality. So, the game is not a masterpiece in terms of graphics, but is it any good as a slot game? The Rumpel Wildspins Online Novomatic slot uses a five reel, twenty play line system, allowing players to manually adjust betting lines. This is a good start as far as game play is concerned, given that much freedom is granted to the player, allowing for advanced strategy. Let’s take a closer look.

Symbol Designs

The two most valuable symbols in the game are the gold necklace and diamond ring, which offer a decent payout if matched the maximum of five times, and a modest payout if matched three times. These pieces of jewellery are followed, in terms of value, by the princess and bars of gold, who are both worthwhile if landing in a matching sequence.

The least valuable symbols in the game are the standard ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. Note that there also a number of special features and bonuses, which go a long way to making the Rumpel Wildspins Online Novomatic slot an interesting experience, regardless of the quality of the visual representation.

Bonuses And Special Features

The frog is a highly lucrative friend to have, at least as far as the Rumpel Wildspins Online Novomatic slot game goes. Matching the frog five times is the largest single payout in the game, as well as granting fifteen free spins. These free spins will play out automatically upon being won. The next symbol to take note of is the wild symbol, represented by the Pinocchio looking character.

The wild symbol will, of course, match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, and in this case will also payout if matching with itself. The final special feature to take note of in the game is the gambling online USA feature, which will become available upon any stand win being achieved. Upon a standard pay out, look to the bottom of the play area where the gamble button will light up. A player may click this button to make a fifty per cent winning opportunity gamble on the already existing winnings. Interestingly, the game allows the player to keep taking the gambling option for as long as they choose, but will always only offer a double or nothing stake. Keep in mind that this is not a good gamble as far as statistics are concerned, especially after a win has already been achieved.