NBA Betting Tips For Beginners


The NBA is a wildly popular league for punters to bet on both the USA as well as New Zealand . The league plays games every night, which means that the action is ongoing all year round. Placing a bet on the NBA should be done with a bit of knowledge as well as an understanding of how the game works. There are a few tips which the beginner punter should know in order to make their overall betting experience more positive as well as profitable. 

Understand the Key Markets

There are a number of markets which one can use when placing a bet on an NBA game or series. These markets all work in different ways, with some requiring a more in depth knowledge than others. The wise New Zealand punter should have a good grasp of how each of these markets work, and how to play them.

The simplest key market is a money line bet. This is a plain bet as to who will win a game. There are no hidden handicaps or points in a moneyline bet, and as such it does not pay out as much as a more complicated bet.

Against the Spread or ATS bets are ones which take into consideration the handicap and point spreads which have been placed on each game or team by bookies. These bets are often harder to predict, as the point spread evens out the proverbial playing field, encouraging online betting NZ on both the underdog and the favourite. A successful ATS bet can net a wise punter a good profit however, so it is vitally important to understand how the handicaps affect each game.

Research Is Key

It cannot be underplayed how important research is when placing a bet on an NBA series or game. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed and this is definitely the case with NBA games and teams. Take the time to look carefully into your chosen teams, gaining a knowledge of their past performances and how they have fared against other teams. All of this information is readily available online in a number of different sites.

Home Court Advantage

Although this may seem like a simple concept which should not have too much effect on a game, home court advantage is a real thing. There have been numerous upsets in various NBA series games where the favourite has simply choked in an away game, or the underdog has surged forward thanks to home court advantage.

Keep An Eye Out For Undervalued Teams

In every series there is a favourite and an underdog. The bookies are pretty good at predicting who will be win, but the sharp New Zealand punter who does their own research stands the chance to pick an underdog who has been totally undervalued before anyone else catches on.

Should you manage to do this, you stand the chance to catch a great underdog win with odds in your favour. This can lead to a very profitable bet and ultimately a very happy punter. Of course, to do this you will need to have a good in depth knowledge of the teams, and how they are currently performing.