Underwater World Slot Overview & Guide for Players

Underwater World Slot Overview & Guide for Players

One of the things for which slot titles from BlueGem gaming software are renowned is a devotion to eye-catching 3D graphics, and Underwater World maintains this tradition.

Brilliant sunlight bursts through the water of a shallow tropical lagoon in the background; around the reels, corals, fish and other sea creatures show off their beautiful colours. The tones are warm and jewel-bright, but not overstated enough to detract from the slot action.

The five transparent reels offer 10 paylines, and big, bold 3D icons fill each of the three windows per reel. Even the letters and numerals of Underwater World’s slot-standard Poker symbols, A to 10, are conceived as amusingly odd underwater creatures; part octopus, part sea slug, part seahorse and part toddler’s swimming ring.

Stacking Bubble Wilds and Random Multipliers

A big bubble that again uses the 3D graphics to the fullest serves as the Underwater World slot’s Wild, which substitutes for any other ordinary symbols to make more winning lines. The Wild can also arrived stacked, covering two or even all three windows on a reel, which is a feature that can produce multiple winning paylines at once.

Above every reel there is also a multiplier number. These five numbers change randomly on each spin, and at the end of the spin, all the multipliers on reels featured in winning paylines are added together, and the resulting total multipliers applied to the wins on each payline.

Variable Free Spins Feature

The Underwater World slot’s Scatter is a giant clam, and a different total of free spins is triggered, depending on whether three, four or five Scatters come up on a spin. Three Scatters results in 10 free spins, four will trigger 15, and five Scatters rewards the player with 20 free spins.

The title makes further use of its 3D capabilities when celebrating big wins, with a bubble expanding to fill the reels and reveal the total prize. Underwater World combines pleasant, amusing slot visuals with the chance to win some satisfying prizes, making this one of the best real money online pokies options available.

Adjustable Lines and Bets

Players can adjust the number of lines they play, as well as the size of the bet per line, up to a maximum of $1.00 per line and $10.00 per spin.

The maximum prize Underwater World slot players can win in base play is 100X the line bet.

Eight Ordinary Symbols in Base Play

Underwater World uses only eight ordinary symbols; fewer than many slots, with resulting improved odds of prize-winning matches. The BlueGem attention to graphics is evident in all the icons; the Poker symbols have already been described. The top prize among these, for five As, is 40X the line bet.

The three high-value symbols, from lowest to highest, are an octopus, a crab and a starfish. In the case of the octopus and the crab, for three, four or five of a kind, these win 3X, 10X or 40X the line bet. The starfish is the top scorer, winning 6X, 25X or 100X the line bet for the same matches.