Piggy Bank Slot Review & Guide Online

There are a few slot titles on the market that use the title Piggy Bank, or a close variation, so it’s important not to get confused. The Piggy Bank slot created and presented by BlueGem gaming is instantly recognisable, however, by the quality of the 3D graphics. Like all BlueGem games, Piggy Bank is a slot designed with breath-taking artwork, a detailed backdrop and eye-catching icons.

Piggy Bank opens with an animation, as helicopter-borne men in pig masks abseil into a bank and take everyone hostage. Then the bank vault transforms into a stack of 5X3 reels, with 20 paylines, and the spinning to win begins. Players can bet from 0.01 to 1.00 per line, in the local currency.

Unusual Symbols Pique Interest

In a departure from most BlueGem slots, Piggy Bank doesn’t use any Poker symbols. There are only seven ordinary icons used in base play, and all of them are photo-realistic renderings of different aspects of the bank heist. The lowest-value symbol is a bank vault door, which pays out 20X, 30X or 40X the line bet for three, four or five of a kind, respectively.

Then there is a sunset cityscape of the London banking district, aka the City, followed by a head-and-shoulders shot of a bank robber, a security surveillance camera, a robber holding a rifle, the escape helicopter, and head-shot of a robber in a pig mask.

This last symbol pays the highest prize possible in base play; 7,500X the line bet for five of a kind. Quick, realistic-looking animations are triggered by any wins; for example, a burst of rifle fire.

Security Guard is Wild

One would expect any security guard caught napping in a bank robbery to be pretty wild, and Blue Gem has not shied away from that joke, either; the Wild is indeed the security guard.

Usefully, the Wild can stack, filling an entire reel. Combined with its ability to substitute for any of the ordinary symbols and create more winning paylines, the stacking feature can be very rewarding.

Three Bonus Features in Total

Most BlueGem slots do not follow the standard model of free spins, with a few extra features perhaps hidden within the free spins round. Instead, the player gets bonus extras that can be triggered at any time, which keeps play exciting.

The first Piggy Bank slot extra is the Click Me Game. The icon is another realistic-looking photo; this time of a wall of safety-deposit boxes. If three come up on Reels 1, 3 and 5, the player is shown a new screen with a number of icons to choose from. The player chooses one, and a bonus prize is revealed.

Hand Grenade Triggers Multiplier Bonus

Another special symbol in the Piggy Bank slot is a hand grenade – the centre window of Reel 3 even has a permanent frame for it to fit into. When the hand grenade lands in this position, it triggers the Multiplier Bonus, which is great to players used to solid wins from online slots, Bingo Hall or online blackjack.

Three different multiplier symbols, each with a different multiplier value, appear at the top of the screen. In the ensuing spins, any winning combinations that include one of these symbols will increase their prizes by the relevant multiplier, and that symbol then disappears from the multiplier options. This continues until all the multipliers have been applied to wins.

The final Piggy Bank slot Bonus symbol is a pallet filled with gold bars. Three of a kind triggers the Feature Bonus, which allows players to select items from a collection on a new screen. Each item chosen either reveals a cash win, an extra multiplier, or the Collect symbol, which closes the bonus round.