Online Cricket Betting in Detail for Punters

Online Cricket Betting in Detail for Punters

Cricket is a sport played all across the world. It consists of two teams who play against each for a varied amount of time depending on the type of cricket being played. This can be either test cricket, T-20 or limited overs, all of which have different time frames and different betting parameters. There are a number of different wagers and odds that are offered by various online betting sites and bookies. When choosing which site you wish to go along with and join up with, make sure that they offer the type of wager on the type of cricket that suits you.

How to Wager on Cricket

Wagering on cricket, as with any other game, is best done by punters who have a general knowledge about the game as well as how online betting works. Cricket matches and leagues are influenced by a number of factors such as things like which players are on form, the condition of the pitch and the weather. Much of this information is available on a number of betting sites as well as other online resources. Make sure to do as much homework as you can before placing a wager on a cricket match or a cricket team.


Pitches play a huge role in the outcome of the cricket match. As a punter, one should know what pitches are known for what type of cricket or bowling. For example, the pitches in India and Pakistan are well known to favour spin bowling, which will definitely affect the outcome of the match. In a five day match, the pitch tends to dry out causing cracks in the pitch which will alter the team’s strategy as the test match goes on.  Placing a wager on a test match should, therefore, be done taking this and the weather for the game into account. If there is rain during the five day test match, this too will have an effect, as the ball will skid more for the faster bowlers.

Cricket Punting

Less Complicated Wagers

A win bet in sports betting NZ is a bet on the outcome of a cricket match. This is a simple bet that does not take into consideration any handicaps or other point spreads on any team. This bet is often made by beginners to the world of cricket betting, as you do not need a very in depth knowledge to place it. Obviously having a basic knowledge of the teams is important to prevent yourself from making a totally unrealistic bet such as Kazakhstan beating Australia on the cricket betting sites.

First innings is another very simple bet. This is a wager placed on a five day game, as other cricket types only have one innings per team. A first innings bet is a straightforward bet in who will win the first innings. In a five day game, this does not necessarily affect the outcome of the match.

Batsman over 50 is a bet on whether or not a batsman will score over 50 runs. This bet will always have an outcome, and is this quite popular among online punters.

Prop Bets

A prop bet, or a proposition bet, is a bet on pretty much anything that can happen during a game. These are often wagered by a more relaxed crowd as they can involve pretty much anything and make watching the game more enjoyable. Some examples of prop bets are whether a batsman will hit a six, or whether a batsman will cry when he goes out.