Discover Online Roulette- Australia’s Classy Casino Action

The iconic 18th Century game of Roulette is making an impression on a new generation of players across the country. Online Roulette Australia websites are growing in popularity, attracting more and more players by the month. No doubt the primary reason is simply because it offers an entertaining and exciting game that can’t but help evoke the sophisticated glitz and glamour of Fin de siecle Paris, as well as Monaco and Las Vegas.

Playing the game online also makes it accessible to people whose lifestyles or location make visits to a land-based casino nearly impossible.  Instead of getting dressed, travelling, and managing an evening’s entertainment budget to cover playing, food and drink, players simply need to get themselves to a desktop or laptop computer with an active internet connection, where they can enjoy the game by playing with real money or for free.

Enjoy Some French Flair with Online Roulette Australia

Roulette has its origins in France, and has been played in its present format since at least 1796. The Online Roulette Australia has taken to, remains faithful to the game as played in land-based casinos, and still bears many indicators of the game’s French beginnings. At the heart of the game is the little wheel that gives the game its name. The wheel features numbered pockets, and players are required to bet on numbers, colours, and the number being odd or even.

The popular Call Bets or Announced Bets are often known among seasoned players as French Bets. These refer to specific areas on the Roulette wheel. The French Bets are Voisins du zero or Neighbours of Zero, Jeu zero or Zero Game, Le tiers du cylindre or Thirds of the Wheel, and Orphelins or Orphans. The table, in land-based casinos and in online Roulette Australia, is marked with specific betting areas.

The grid of numbers on the inside of the table is where Inside Bets are placed. The Classic or Straight Bet is as simple as betting on the next number you think will land. A Split Bet is placed on two numbers, a Street Bet is placed on three numbers, a Square Bet is placed on four numbers, and a Five Number bet does exactly what it says on the tin. Outside Bets are placed on the colours red or black, found outside the number grid on the game table. Players can also bet on whether the next number to land will be odd or even. Low Bets are placed on numbers 1 to 18, and High Bets are placed on numbers 19 to 36. A bet that one number from a specified dozen will land next is known as a Dozen Bet, while Column Bets are placed on a number from a specified column of numbers to land next.

Try Different Types of Online Roulette

Variety, popular wisdom tells us, is the spice of life, and online Roulette offers more variety than just bet types.

Players are spoiled for choice with a selection of games that include single player versions, multiplayer versions, and live dealer versions which give just that much more of the casino experience.

The three traditional styles of the game, namely French Roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette, are also well-represented.

Start playing online Roulette, and let it put the magic of the casino at your fingertips today!