Space Adventures Slots In Cosmic Invaders

Cosmic Invaders is an online slot machine game created by Microgaming. It uses an unusual theme based around spaceships and a colourful cast of charming aliens. The play system is a standard five reel, thirty play line system, but a few extra features make the game stand apart from others in interesting ways. In terms of graphics, the game uses bold symbols that translate well onto smaller mobile phone screens.

The sound, however, is unusually absent for a slot machine, making the game a slightly jarring experience since other games tend to feature interactive sound effects and ambient music. Cosmic Invaders is available now on mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop. If wanting to play on a computer, please ensure that Flash in installed, and simply open the game in an Internet browser. If wanting to play on a mobile device, please search for the game in the appropriate application store and download it. This game is available to play for free or for real money, as the player prefers.

Standard Play Features

As is expected in a slot machine game, Cosmic Invaders requires players to first make a bet, the amount of which can be adjusted, after which the reels must be spun. If matching sequences are created in the play area payouts will be made. The amount of the payout is, of course, decided by the value of the symbols.

The most valuable standard symbol in the game is the alien device, which may match a minimum of three times, and a maximum of five times. The least valuable symbols are the playing card numbers, including ten, jack, queen and king. Other symbols, such as the smiling alien, the space ship, and the pink lady alien, are bonus symbols, and offer the biggest possible payout in the game. They are, however, rare, and only appear occasionally in the game.

Bonus Features And Symbols

The smiling alien is the wild symbol, and will match with almost any other symbol to allow for a matching sequence and a payout. This symbol may also match with itself up to five times for a massive bonus payout. The pink lady alien is the scatter symbol, and can match while in any position on any reels to grant instant free spins.

During these free spins one of an entire reel may be transformed into wild symbols, allowing for many sequences to be created in a short space of time. Finally, the symbol with the written words cosmic invaders will activate the UFOs at the top of the play area. These UFOs, when activated, have a chance of adding wilds to the reels at random. This bonus is a highly useful real money slots for Android players, and may keep the player getting matching sequence after machine sequence for many spins in a row. Note, however, that this feature and the free spins scatter feature may not work together. If landing the UFO bonus, and the scatter bonus immediately after, the UFO bonus will deactivate. Or a more detailed explanation of the play system, please click the question mark button on the user interface.