A Guide to the Popular Big Game Slot Online

Popular Big Game Slot Online

Big Game is an online slot created by Microgaming. It features a theme based around the most well known African animals, as well as having a pleasant soundtrack inspired by the same continent. As with all slot machines, the player must make a bet, spin the reels, and hope for winning sequences to be created in the play area.

Big Game also allows players to adjust the bet lines and bet amount between spins, granting a strategic advantage not found in some other slot machine games. Raising bet lines requires a larger upfront bet, but increases the chances of winning sequences being created. Hence, a balance can be found between the maximum chances of winning versus cost to the player.

This game is available now on desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. In order to play the game on a mobile phone, simply search or it and download the application to the device. Playing on computer does not require a permanent download, and will open in a browser after loading required files.

Standard Play Symbols

The classic African animals are all found in the Big Game slot machine, but lean towards cartoon caricatures of themselves, as apposed to being realistic in any way. Each animal will also animate when it is landed in a matching sequence, adding an extra layer of fun and entertainment value.

Note also that like in many different iPhone pokies NZ, the soundtrack changes as to the player’s progression in the slot. The most valuable symbol in the game is the rhinoceros, and when matching with himself a minimum of twice, or maximum of five times, will grant a substantial payout to the player.

The least valuable symbol in the game is the meerkat, who grants only a minimal payout if matched even the maximum of five times. Some of the other animals present include the baboon, hyena, ostrich, zebra, cheetah and more. If wanting to win big in the game, however, the player should look no further then the king of the jungle himself, who is one of two bonus features.

Big Game Internet Slot

Bonuses and Specials

The lion is the first symbol of the game; the wild symbol. The wild symbol matches with any other symbol in the game, except the scatter symbol, allowing for matching sequences where none were previously possible. For example, a player may get two ostriches and a lion, which will make a winning sequence of three ostriches.

Watch the lion animate and roar as he gives players more and more extra winning opportunities. The second bonus symbol in the game is the elephant, which is the scatter symbol. The scatter may match in any position in the game, and will give ten free spins upon matching.

During these free spins all wins are tripled in value. Also note that Big Game allows for more free spins to be won during the free spin sequence, which means that huge winnings can be made as free spins session follows free spin session. This is the fastest way to get huge wins in the game, make the elephant everyone’s best friend as far as the Big Game slot machine is concerned.