An Introduction to Chain Mail Online Slots Game

Chain Mail is an online slot game created by popular casino software provider Microgaming. The game features a standard slots format consisting of 5 reels and 20 paylines, and is a unique multi-levelled game in which players must win the princess symbol during each level to proceed to the next level and claim the respective prize.

The theme of Chain Mail is certainly unique, and combines medieval weapons, characters and subject matter with that of media of communication, such as letters, mobile phones and mail, and also fast food imagery. The objective of the game is to complete each level successfully while attempting to rescue the main character princess Roxy from an evil king.

Game Style and Graphics

Chain Mail is a vibrant-looking game with a cartoon-like style to the graphics. The pay table itself is simple and uncluttered, and the game is set against a backdrop of castle stone walls. The symbols of the game all relate in some way to specific aspects of the theme, and have been designed with a fun and humorous approach in mind, with the beautiful medieval Princess Roxy holding a mobile phone and the fast food icons featuring clever and amusing medieval-themed names to add a modern touch to the medieval subject matter.

Chain Mail Reel Symbols

There are various fun symbols in Chain Mail online slots, all with a humorous theme. These symbols include a male knight, the female character Princess Roxy, a horse, a red mail box and various fast food items, including a pizza surrounded by medieval weapons, King’s fried chicken, a kebab speared onto an arrow, an ice cream adorned with a golden crown and a ‘Cocoknight Delight’ bar.

Chain Mail Wild Symbol

The Chain Mail logo is the game’s wild symbol at the sites recommended for playing online. The wild symbol substitutes all other symbols except for the ‘B’ bonus symbol and the scatter symbol. The wild symbol will appear on the reels randomly to create more winning combinations during the game.

Scatter Symbols and Instant Multiplier

The green mail bag is Chain Mail’s scatter symbol. These symbols award an instant win multiplier prize. 3 scatter symbols pays out 2x the initial bet, 4 scatters pays out 20x the bet and 5 scatter symbols will award players with 100x their original bet.

Castle Bonus Feature

The ‘B’ raised drawbridge symbol is another bonus symbol in Chain mail online slots games. Players must land the B bonus symbol anywhere on reels 1,3 and 5 to trigger the Castle bonus feature. Players will then be taken to a screen that features 5 rows of 7 doors each, and must choose 1 door from each row, starting from the bottom row. Princess Roxy may appear behind one of these doors, resulting in players winning all the prizes on that specific row, or Uncle Mordread may appear to return players back to the base game with their winnings up to that point. Players can also claim free spins in Chain Mail, as a free spins feature will be triggered upon receiving a free spin trigger symbol during the game.