2 Ways Royal Video Poker Game Review

Players are required to get the best five-card poker hand they possibly can containing a winning combination of cards when they play 2 Ways Royal video poker games at the online casinos which make it available. The better the player’s hand, the larger his or her payout will be, and players are able to select how many cards and which ones they would like to replace, although this can occur only once.

When playing 2 Ways Royal video poker, the combination of the cards two; three; four; five and six of the same suit is known as the lo royal flush. A ten; jack; queen; king and ace of the same suit is known as the hi royal flush.

Players will select the coin denomination and amount of these they would like to wager before each hand begins, and this amount can range from as little as 0.05, with one coin set at that value, to as much as 25, with five coins at their top value of 5. The payouts for the lo and hi royal flush hands are identical: 250 coins will be paid out should a minimum bet be in place; 4 000 coins on a maximum bet.

Developer for 2 Ways Royal Video Poker

2 Ways Royal video poker runs on Playtech software, and is to be found at online casinos which support this developer’s software in the same way blackjack is played at Microgaming powered casinos here. Thanks to the excellent reputation and global support this developer enjoys, there is a wide array of online places to play that make its products available.


2 Ways Royal video poker is a game based on Jacks or Better, but one which recognises two royal flush combos, the high and the low. A standard deck containing 52 cards is made use of for play and there are no wild cards available.

Better 2 Ways Royal Video Poker Play

There are many tips and strategy hints available for those who wish to improve their 2 Ways Royal video poker hands, the majority of which will allow players to start boosting their bankrolls as soon as they are put into practice. The game also pays out on pairs of jack, queen, king and ace cards; three-of-a-kinds; straights; flushes; full houses; four-of-a-kinds; and straight flushes.These include:

  • Should a player be dealt a four-of-a-kind; straight flush; high royal flush or low royal flush it is advised that he or she holds onto all the cards
  • Players should hold the four cards making up a high royal flush
  • Players should hang onto the four cards making a low royal flush
  • Cards making up a four-of-a-kind hand should be kept
  • Cards able to create three-of-a-kind; straights; flushes and full houses should be retained

House Advantage and Payouts for 2 Ways Royal

Players have two large advantages to take advantage of when they decide to play this video poker game:

  1. The large payout rate of 99.8% with correct play
  2. It is a simple game for players who have never enjoyed it to learn –possibly one of the most straightforward video poker games around.