Life of Leisure slot review

Life of Leisure Slot

Life of Leisure slot by Ash software features twenty paylines and five reels.

This game has been designed in a cartoon style which utilises bright and vibrant colours to communicate a sense of light-hearted, fun entertainment to the player.

The background of the game features a suburban setting and a cityscape with bright blue skies and white clouds. In the suburban setting, a woman with red hair and a yellow blouse is smiling while riding in a red car. In the cityscape, a smiling, blonde man with an orange shirt is giving the thumbs up. These two characters are obviously living the good life, a life of leisure, which is what this slot is all about.

The slot reel is bordered by a white box with red, orange, green, blue and pink stars throughout. There are also circles with white numbers in them. These numbers include 2, 16, 11, 15, 8, 17, 3, 19, 4, 18, 12, 7, 9, 1, 14, 10, 20, 6, 13 and 5. They line up with a line that goes across the reel and which shows different ways that the player can win with the symbols. The background of the reel is a translucent dark blue and allows the player to see the rest of the picture featuring the woman in her car and the man in the cityscape. In the top left corner of the reel, the name of the slot, life of leisure, is shown as a man relaxing in a hammock.

Below the reel, the player is provided with information about the slot. This includes info, lines, line bet, win, and total bet. There are also buttons the player can push such as the plus and minus sign to adjust the line bet, the auto play button and the spin button.

Life of Leisure Slot Symbols

The symbols in this game depict people living a life of leisure. The first of these symbols is a red haired woman wearing a yellow dress smiling and holding a green bottle of champagne. She is on a pink background with stars. The second symbol is a smiling blonde man with an orange shirt. He is on a green background with stars. The third symbol is a man in orange shorts jumping off of a diving board into a pool. The fourth symbol is of a man with a roller paint brush who has just gotten done painting a house.

There is also a Life of Leisure slot wild symbol that looks similar to the logo in the top left corner but has the word “wild” across the bottom. Another symbol is the free spins symbol. It is a globe with a golden circle around it. Another symbol is the bonus symbol. It shows a red car on a scenic background with the word bonus on top. Other standard symbols include a pink ace, an orange queen, a green king and a blue jack.

Free Spins

If the player manages to get three of the free spins symbols in Life of Leisure slot, they will be given ten free bonus spins. If during these free spins a player gets additional free spins or bonus symbols, they can be awarded additional free online casino bonus in Dubai. The maximum number of free spins a player can get in a row is seven hundred.